Watashi No Oni Issue 1 Page 7

Hello All and welcome back to Rabid Ginger! Last week forced me to do a lot of thinking about my release schedule and I’ve come to the decision that, in order to keep what sanity I have, for now I’m going to start releasing one page twice a week instead of two pages once a week. I will also be moving the release for date for Blood Lands to Wednesdays to have a more well-rounded weekly release schedule. With that in mind I have the one page for release now and I will be releasing a second on Friday most likely. Thank you all for your patience as I go about trying to figure all of these little eccentricities of webcomic publishing. I wouldn’t have the willpower to do all of this without your support!

As always, I’m open to hearing anything you might have to say concerning anything on my site or, for that matter, anything off the site as well. Leave any messages you have for me below and I promise I will reply (as long as it’s not spam. 🙂 )

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