Watashi No Oni Issue 2 Page 3

Phew, Its definitely been too long. Can’t blame you if you’ve been falling asleep out there. I’m sorry. Gonna start getting back to this starting now. Hope everything’s been going well with all of you! Let me know what’s going on in the comments below!

Watashi No Oni Issue 2 Page 2

Still trying to get used to the schedule at my new job. Hopefully once I’ve got that down a bit better I’ll be better about posting on time. 🙂 Hope you all are doing well. Take care! R.G.

Watashi No Oni Issue 1 Page 21

Yay! Finally managed to get back to you all. These last few weeks have been CRAZY! All of your expectant peeks at my page kept me going, though, until I could get back to it. In an attempt to reward you all for checking in, I’m putting two pages out today! Woot! Hope you like[…]

Watashi No Oni Issue 1 Page 20

So summer is currently hitting my current area with a vengeance this week. Kind of frustrating because of all the work outside I was hoping to get to will have to be put off until it cools down a bit. This kind of weather turns the Rabid Ginger into the Wilted Whinger. (oh, I made[…]