Blood Lands: Preface

The Light was at its zenith.


Gabru climbed the Stairs of Caer Justine, momentarily looking at the second sky over his shoulder. This was the beginning of something. He could feel the change in the winds like an itch.


Gabru studied the sky for a moment as if the clouds would signal the reason for such an ominous change in the air. Seeing no such thing, he turned and finished the climb to the top of the stairs. Making his way past the titanic granite doors, he hurriedly walked through the receiving room. Armed lesser angeli stood stalwartly at their posts. Gabru looked at their resolute countenances and clicked his tongue in mild frustration. It’s a shame that so many must stand like that. I wonder if they ever receive due time to enjoy their existence at all.


His path led him from the receiving room, through the Great Hall and into the throne room. Gabru slowed his pace upon entry to ‘The Seat of Justice’ as his brother’s throne had become known. His brother always took such airs upon himself.


“Enter, Brother.” The seated figure commanded.


Gabru just couldn’t help feeling slighted. “Must you always act like this around me? We who were created as equals should not let such things as position separate us.”


With a roll of his eyes, Makull looked to his brother. “Position and the customs and courtesies of such are merely a practice of those who cling to order. How many times must we address the old arguments? You have your expertise. Leave me to mine. So…” Makull sighed as if to clear the table of the previous topic before continuing. ”…what brings you all the way here, Brother.”


Gabru looked away as he answered. “Azrael and I have noticed something. Possibly just a trick of circumstance, but…”


Makull looked at his brother, raising an eyebrow. “But…?”


Gabru returned his brothers gaze. ”It’s possible that Than—“


“Don’t speak that name here!” Makull growled.


Gabru looked at his brother curiously. ”We think his fetters have been loosed.”


The Light waned.

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